metal expansion joint


Stainless steel expansion joints are considered to be extremely important components of a pipe system and are mainly used in industries where thermal expansion occurs in pipe systems.

Stainless steel expansion joints for pipe systems are designed to accommodate dimensional changes in steel pipes and ducts. This means that stainless steel expansion joints compensate for dimensional changes caused by temperature-induced expansion/contraction, vibrations caused by rotating machinery, pressure deformation or misalignment during installation, or deposits.

Stainless steel expansion joints also offer the advantage of reducing stresses in piping systems due to thermal expansion and reducing pipe loads at connections to sensitive equipment such as pumps and steam turbines. These features extend the life of piping systems and reduce the risk of downtime for unscheduled maintenance and repair.

Other benefits of using stainless steel expansion joints:

  • Simple in design and function
  • Space saving
  • Weight reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction of construction effort and design complexity of piping systems
  • Greater flexibility in the layout of piping systems
  • Reliable and proven in practice
  • In addition, stainless steel expansion joints are more efficient than alternatives such as pipe bends and pipe loops, as they save space, are less expensive and can better accommodate larger movements.

What are the advantages of the different types of stainless steel expansion joints?
Stainless steel expansion joints and flexible bellows come in a variety of designs and types. Each design and type has its own advantages:

Axial expansion joints

  • Simple solution to compensate for temperature fluctuations
  • No change in flow direction
  • Compact and space-saving solution
  • Relatively low cost

Lateral expansion joints

  • Absorption of lateral movements in all directions
  • Absorption of large lateral movements with only one lateral expansion joint
  • Reduced load at all fixed points, as tie rods absorb the load without transmitting axial compressive force to the fixed points

Angular expansion joints

  • Absorption of angular movements in one or more planes
  • Use of standard floating bearings
  • Reduced load on all fixed points

Universal expansion joints

  • Absorption of movements in all directions
  • Absorption of large axial and lateral movements with a stainless steel compensator
  • Can be adapted to existing installation gaps

Exhaust gas expansion joints

  • Gas-tight and corrosion and temperature resistant
  • Absorbs vibrations and oscillations
  • Low weight, thus less stress on suspensions and pipe supports
  • Extremely low spring rates and high flexibility reduce the load on suspensions and pipe supports
  • Economical

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