Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints are designed to compensate for axial, lateral or angular movements in piping systems or equipment. Rubber expansion joints with external tie rod tensioning are particularly suitable for reducing vibrations and damping noise in piping systems and plants where the installation of fixed points to absorb the pressure reaction forces is not or only insufficiently possible.
The rubber bellows are manufactured from a wide variety of elastomer qualities, which make them suitable for use in the transport of a wide variety of media.
The structure of the rubber body, consisting of various elastomer and fabric layers, reinforced in the flange area by vulcanized-in metal rings, guarantees high stability and resistance to pressure or vacuum.
They are particularly suitable

for absorbing axial and lateral expansion
to compensate for mounting inaccuracies
to compensate for mechanical vibrations
for noise damping Areas of application
air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems
Power plants
process piping for pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical industries
Wastewater disposal and sewage treatment plants
Shipbuilding and offshore
Process piping for the metal producing industry and petroleum refineries
Food processing
Pollution monitoring systems