Noise reduction through heat pump decoupling

A world first! Revolutionary technology for the decoupling of
structure-borne noise and vibrations in heat pumps.

Type FunkFlex

The ideal problem solver

  • Decouples vibrations
  • Compensation for mounting inaccuracies
  • Simple mounting
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Compact design
  • Oxygen diffusion-tight
  • Patented worldwide
  • Time saving

Manufacturer’s declaration “FunkFlex” 90° double bellows rubber expansion joint

EJR881_BUT / Typ FunkFlex


The pipes on the heat pump are rigidly installed. As they are not, or only insufficiently, decoupled, the vibrations are transmitted to the building via the pipework. Vibrations occur in horizontal and vertical directions. Components such as pump groups, pressure boosting systems or air conditioning units can superimpose the vibrations so that they add up. This creates a resonance throughout the building.


The installation of the flexible 90° vibration damper FunkFlex integrates two double bellows rubber expansion joints and, thanks to its 90° shape, decouples vibrations in all directions and dampens vibrations across a wide frequency spectrum. The butyl rubber material absorbs even low levels of sound waves and is oxygen diffusion-tight. This solution can be used to compensate for assembly inaccuracies and prevent electrochemical corrosion through galvanic isolation. The compact 360° freely rotatable design allows vibration damping even in the tightest of spaces.


The pipes are optimally decoupled with the help of the FunkFlex 90° vibration damper. Vibrations are no longer transmitted to the pipe system. The building is quiet again. The quick, simple and space-saving installation impresses both the installer and the homeowner.

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Are you a heat pump manufacturer or installation company and interested in our innovative FunkFlex vibration decoupling technology? Contact us today and discover the benefits of this revolutionary heat pump decoupling system. Let your customers benefit from quieter and more efficient heat pumps and increase your customer satisfaction at the same time.

Advantages of our solution

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Decouples vibrations

By connecting two double bellows expansion joints via a 90° bend, vibrations can be effectively absorbed both horizontally and vertically.

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Mounting inaccuracy

The flexible pipe connection allows assembly inaccuracies in the axial, lateral or angular direction to be corrected

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360° mounting

The freely rotatable mounting option in 360° enables simple and flexible alignment of the FunkFlex to the spatial conditions, which ensures optimum adaptation to the different requirements of the pipe systems.

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Galvanic separation

The FunkFlex functions as a galvanic isolation in the pipe system. In this way, the FunkFlex helps to extend the service life of the pipe system, minimise corrosion and maintain the integrity of the pipes.

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Compact design

Thanks to its compact design, the FunkFlex vibration damper is particularly impressive in confined spaces. Thanks to the short installation lengths and the integration of the 90° bend in the product, the heat pumps can be set up in a space-saving manner and installed quickly.

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 Oxygen diffusion-tight

The diffusion-tightness of the FunkFlex vibration damper minimises the risk of corrosion and contamination inside the pipe, which leads to a longer service life for the entire system and also reduces maintenance and repair costs.

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Patented worldwide

The FunkFlex vibration damper is patent and design protected worldwide. The most stringent tests in the development and production phase guarantee high reliability and quality.

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Proven technology

The FunkFlex is a qualitative improvement on the Funk double bellows vibration damper that has been in use for decades. Vibration decoupling is further improved by connecting two tried-and-tested rubber expansion joints via a 90° bend.

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Time saving

The integration of a 90° bend and the simple connection solution with loose flanges or Dutch fittings of the FunkFlex vibration damper saves time during installation and leads to faster commissioning of the system.

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