heat pump decoupling

World novelty! Revolutionary technology for decoupling structure-borne noise and vibration in heat pumps.

Introduction: In the world of heat pumps, an innovative vibration decoupling technology “FunkFlex” has become widely accepted, allowing flexible installation in narrow spaces and improved performance.  As one of the leading suppliers of flexible connections for heat pumps, Torgen has successfully equipped the first systems with this groundbreaking technology, under the brand name “FunkFlex”. FunkFlex vibration decoupling technology offers numerous innovative features that far exceed current market standards. This new technology allows heat pumps to be installed closer to walls and compensates for assembly inaccuracies. Market-leading companies have already successfully installed the first systems using this technology and are reporting promising results.

Flexible assembly: Conventional installation of heat pumps often required sufficient space for the vibration dampers and accurate alignment to ensure correct operation of the units. With the new vibration decoupling technology, heat pumps can now be installed in narrow spaces. The improved design allows mounting at a 90-degree angle to the wall. The infinitely variable angle adjustment over 360° enables extremely flexible and accurate alignement. This feature ensures ideal use of space and makes installation much easier.

Compensation of assembly inaccuracies: Another advantage of this technology is that it forgives installation inaccuracies. With conventional installation, heat pumps had to be carefully aligned to ensure proper functionality. With the new “FunkFlex” vibration decoupling technology, assembly inaccuracies are effectively compensated for, simplifying and speeding up installation processes.

Successful installations by market leaders : Market-leading companies have already implemented and successfully installed this innovative technology in their plants. Initial feedback shows promising results. The improved vibration decoupling enables the heat pumps to operate more quietly and efficiently. In addition, the flexible mounting option makes optimal use of the available space. This allows homeowners to use the remaining space more efficiently. Detailed drawings and CAD models are available from your heat pump partner.

Future preview: The introduction of this new vibration decoupling technology “FunkFlex” has the potential to revolutionize the heat pump market. The more flexible mounting option opens up possibilities for heat pump use in a variety of environments, including cramped homes and offices. The “FunkFlex” vibration damper reduces vibration, resonance and galvanically decouples the heat pump. This results in noise and resonance-free buildings, which significantly improves living comfort. Residents can enjoy the pleasant heat without being disturbed by annoying noise or vibration.

Conclusion: The “FunkFlex” vibration decoupling technology for heat pumps has proven to be a groundbreaking innovation. It allows flexible installation in narrow spaces, compensates for installation inaccuracies and improves equipment performance. Installations by market leaders have shown that this technology delivers promising results. In the future, it is expected to have a lasting impact on the heat pump market and contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly use of thermal energy.

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